products are organically sourced and sun-grown without the use of pesticides or GMOs. All  products are hand harvested holistically refined by a team that works intimately with the soil and plants to ensure a premium end result.



"LEEF has been an absolute game changer for me in enhancing my recovery. The salve helps to significantly reduce inflammation throughout my entire body which keeps me prepared for the unknown tasks of Training and life. Super thankful for this top notch product that enhances quality of life for me and my clients."

Bryce Smith 2015, 2016 Crossfit Games Athlete. Crossfit Level 2 Coach, Invictus Athlete

"Love this stuff!  I put the LEEF balm on my back before bed and  woke up this morning feeling so much more relaxed."

Dusty Payne, World Tour Surfer

"I have been dealing with carpal tunnel pain in my right wrist (due to many hours of designing on the computer) but I started using the LEEF balm a couple times a day throughout my work projects and it seriously helps me SO much. I rub a little bit on the top of my right wrist and the pain is gone for a couple hours. The stuff is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who needs instant topical pain relief for achey joints"

Avalon Preisendorfer Creative Director at Box creative Agency

I’ve done every diet under the sun… the one thing that works consistently well is a dose of MCT Oil. Its simple, easy to use, plug an play. I feel more mentally clear and it sets me up nicely for my day.

Rory McKernan